ok – this is just a quick post to a very annoying problem i’ve run into several times. you start jdownloader and put it on the secondary monitor. then you disconnect your laptop and jdownloader is lost (its still on the “secondary monitor” living as a ghost between your spaces (at least under mac os x). i searched very long for a solution to this – but w/o success. now i found a solution myself.

at first i thought twiddling around in the system settings might solve the problem: no way

then i hoped to fix it with apple script (tell the app to position the window somewhere else) – no way, its java you *$”$§ not cocoa

i googled for hours but only found other people having the same problem and no solution.

the easiest way to fix this is by far to drag the window to the primary montior ahead of disconnecting the secondary. 101

well – what do you do if you are on hollidays – every one of us desperately needs jdownloader in his/her hollidays don’t we?!

so what to do?!

i searched for a config file, something similar to a plist or whatever.

and then i found it: database.script

cd /Applications/jDownloader.app/Contents/Resources/Java/config
nano database.script

then ctrl+w to find “jdgui” – you will find something like that:

INSERT INTO CONFIG VALUES('jdgui','aced.......

DELETE this line and your done 🙂

(don’t forget to restart jdownloader)