everybody does it right now so here are my rather ironic and maybe over exaggerated 10 cents to +

just let me say some introductory words: i like +, i’d prefere it to fb, if everybody was on it (not only geeks and fags who think they have to just because its new). you made the point: many features + has are heavily missed features in fb! i somewhere read (not literally) “you use your fb, but you make your +”. + is, for the time being, not a social, but a medial experience to me. i can customize a lot, and that is just purely awesome. my suggestion: let this be your primary rule of concept, because fb, doesn’t let me decide crucial things (don’t know why. money?) and i hate that since feel mature. i tried to think about what is most irritating me about +’s behaviour…

1) want to mute circles.
-> created a “roflwhoareyou”-circle to add people i don’t care about, people i simply do not know (maybe your suggestion-thing did not work properly), still their “totally interesting” posts appear in my stream. this sucks, because i simply don’t want to see them. Now don’t come with “then don’t add them, because then i’d say, ok – just explain me the sense of circles again please.

2) reset circles when writing posts, or let me define the default!
write message to circle “men”
-> yey! vaginal!

write message to circle “women”
-> oh damn fu, just sent it to “men” because + remembered my last msg went to men 🙁
now everybody thinks i’m gay. shit.

3) want to see combined circles stream
-> i only can see one stream or all streams at once. sucks.

4) want to do a full text search on my (filtered) stream.
-> cannot! oh, sorry i forgot: you don’t have any xp in searching…

5) want to add friends to chat without awaiting their confirmation
-> i’ve already added them to a circle i trust, they have done so too, so why do we have to confirm this again? You give a shit about if i add somebody to a circle, and tell everybody about it. Be consistent: if they don’t want to talk to me, they wont. If they don’t want that i can add them without their confirmation then let them decide

6) generally, +defaults are crap. + is the gentoo of social media networks, so let ME (=ma) decide.
-> if i want that somebody can only add me to chat with my confirmation let MA decide (not you, crappy google!)

7) search twitter hashtags in sparks!
-> sparking zendfw doesn’t find anything about Zend Framework although its a common twitter-hashtag. don’t you search twitter, because its not yours? your whole business is built upon others content, so include that.

8 )  show me my online friends in hangouts!
-> hangouts are awesome, but this would just add the finishing touch. besides youtube vids are sometimes not played synchronously.

9) don’t want to see double posts if someone shared a friends post.
-> make something like “shared by XY”, its really annoying if 4 of my friends shared the same message of one of my friends. not only annoying, this is SPAM! (you know that spam is bad for user xp, dont you? google mail *wink*)

10) cannot find people by [any f** social network]-name
-> come on google? you’re the #1 search engine on teh interwebz! don’t tell me you do not know my twitter friends.