twitter cemetery
What is this??

Have you ever lost a beloved tweet? Did you ever delete your 140 character creation before sending it, because it was too banal, to dangerous, too… whatever? Did you feel that painful loss of having to let go of that tweet forever?

Well, these days are over, now that there's Tweet Cemetery. A dignified place where you can lay to rest all tweets you never tweeted. Simple, anonymous, lasting.

How can i bury my tweets?

It's all so simple and yet graceful. Use chrome or install the greasemonkey-firefox extension and then install the twitter cemetery userscript.

Once you've completed these few steps, you will find a modest "bury"-button beside your "tweet"-button on the twitter-webpage.

Now you can give your tweets an eternal resting place on our Tweet Cemetery. May no tweet ever be lost again.

I grieve, but I don't want others to know!

Rest assured, Tweet Cemetery does not store any information about you, your account or any @ names whatsoever!

We only store the tweet itself. No other information is recorded nor any cookie set.

If you don't trust us, sniff the network traffic. There is nothing to worry about burying your tweets. Our motto: "Bury, don't worry!"

This is still crap, you don't have zip!!!

You want a burial ceremony, a special plot and regular flowers? A prayer maybe?

Currently we don't have any funding. We created this burial place in our spare time. Support us with your donations and you shall have whatever sets your grieving mind at peace.

Trust us, we feel your loss,

sincerely your Tweet morticians